Geologie (Erdwissenschaften)

Bern-Fribourg Master in Earth Sciences

Mittwoch, 11.03.2020

Have your Bachelor studies infected you with a fascination for Geology? Are you interested in pursuing your studies at the Master level? Do you wish to train for an exciting career in research or industry? We are pleased to invite you on March 6th to a brief information event regarding the Bern-Fribourg Master in Earth Sciences. This is a chance for you to meet potential advisors, to discuss the options for curricula and to quiz current Master students about their experiences during the apero and poster presentation at 17:30.

Dozierende(r): Several Advisors
11.03.2020:16:15 - 17:30
Ort: 2. Etage, Institut für Geologie, Haller Auditorium, Zi 248
Baltzerstrasse 1
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