Master Colloquium - Prof. Dr. Strasser

Mittwoch, 11.03.2020

Over three semesters, colloquia enable students to develop questions and concepts for their master theses (research preparation and data collection, analyses, writing, work plan and schedule) and to discuss them scientifically in a collegial and critical context. The goals of the participants will be worked out together at the beginning of the course and evaluated again and again. It is essential to identify problems in the ongoing research work, which are brought into the discussion as questions during the presentation. Critical debates are promoted by the role of commentators and minutes of the discussions support the securing of the results.

Dozierende(r): Prof. Dr. Sabine Strasser
11.03.2020:14:15 - 18:00
Ort: 2. Etage, S221 am Institut für Sozialanthropologie, 2. OG, Lerchenweg 36, Bern
Lerchenweg 32-36

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