Religion in globaler Gegenwart

BA/MA Seminar: Descendants of Chinggis Khan - Followers of the Buddha: religion, nationalism and the politics of resistance in the entangled history of Tibet and Mongolia

Dienstag, 10.03.2020

In the entangled history of Mongolia and Tibet, Buddhism played a pivotal role in shaping the socio-political milieu of the two cultures since the late 16th century. When the Mongol khans decided to ‘follow the Buddha’ and let his teachings to be spread among the Mongols, not only Buddhism provided a new opening in the cultural history of the Mongols but also it became the main axis, along which the joined history of Tibet and Mongolia had been developing. The ‘cultural alliance’ between Tibet and Mongolia survived the Manchu dominance over the Mongol lands as well as the ‘invisibility’ of religion during the Soviet era. However, in the recent Mongolian-Tibetan history, the voice of nationalism calling for both: the ‘decolonisation’ of the Mongolian socio-cultural milieu from ‘alien’ influence and the need to come back to the ‘true’ Mongolian identity, are often being heard. During the seminar the students will get acquainted with historical and contemporary problems connected to the religion, politics and nationalism which had been taken place between the two cultural settings of Tibet and Mongolia. The emphasis will be put on the ‘in-between’ role of Buddhism, being a source of both: stabilisation and conflicts. Alle Interessierten der MA-Studienprogramme Religionswissenschaft, Zentralasiatische Kulturwissenschaft und Religion in globaler Gegenwart sind herzlich willkommen!

Dozierende(r): Dr. Piotr Sobkowiak / Iuliia Liakhova M.A.
10.03.2020:10:15 - 12:00
Ort: 1. UG, F - 105
Lerchenweg 36

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