Ecology and Evolution

Journal club conservation biology

Mittwoch, 11.03.2020

Students are tought how to decipher peer-reviewed scientific literature in a critical way. They learn more about conservation and restoration concepts, sampling methods and analytical techniques, while identifying gaps in knowledge that call for new research. At each seminar session one or two students (BSc, MSc, PhDs) present a personal, critical analysis of a paper selected by the supervisors. This is follow by a discussion in plenum.

Dozierende(r): Prof. Dr. Raphaël Arlettaz, Dr. Veronika Braunisch, PD Dr. Jean-Yves Humbert, Dr. Alain Jacot
11.03.2020:14:00 - 15:00
Ort: EG, Bühlplatzareal
Erlachstrasse 9a

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