World Literature

Research Methodologies for Literary Studies

Mittwoch, 20.03.2024

What is academic research and what does it mean to produce new knowledge? How do we find a research topic? Where do we begin in the analysis of a literary text, and which approach do we choose? Is there a difference between theory and methodology? How do we know if we have a strong thesis statement and how do we structure and organize our material into a tight argument? How do we foreground the importance and relevance of our scholarly contributions? In this seminar, we will try to find an answer to all these questions by discussing the formal aspects of research methodologies and literary theories employed in literary studies and, especially, by trying our hand at the practice of academic writing and its various genres and formats. In short, we’ll be bringing to the classroom all the work that usually goes on behind the scenes in the preparation of an oral presentation, term paper, and MA thesis.

Dozierende(r): Dr. Des. Viola Marchi
20.03.2024:12:15 - 14:00
Ort:F -104
Lerchenweg 32-36

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