Migration, im/mobilities, in/equalities

Mittwoch, 20.03.2024

Migration and im/mobilities are key features of the 21st century. Debates range from migration and innovation, to humanitarian crisis up to anti-immigrant sentiments. But, who is a migrant, why does migration matter, for whom and how; is there a difference between mobility and migration? This lecture explores the topics of migration and mobilities through the lenses of in/equalities, justice and sustainability. By doing so, we explore questions of definitions and data sources in migration debates, issues of social protection, decent work and labour migration, role of technology and migration infrastructures, citizenship and rights. We will critically discuss a wider range of conceptual debates, how they relate to empirical research as well as practical implications and policy debates.

The lecture strictly follows the model of “inverted classroom”. Students are requested to invest 60 min for preparatory work for each lecture and physical presence of the students during the lecture is a key for interesting debates and excersices. During the class we will discuss topics and your questions in greater depth. Students will have to actively contribute to the lectures with e.g. their questions, short presentations, moderations, peer feedbacks for students.

Dozierende(r): Prof. Susan Thieme
20.03.2024:12:15 - 14:00
Ort:Hörsaal 001
Geographie (GIUB)
Hallerstrasse 12

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