Biomedical Engineering

Medical Robotics

Mittwoch, 22.03.2023

Robotic systems play an ever-increasing role in medicine, such as in surgery and in rehabilitation. The field of medical robotics is very multidisciplinary building on concepts derived from mechatronics, mechanical and electrical engineering, together with clinical perspectives of anatomy and physiology. This course focuses on the history, concepts and design of robotic systems dedicated to applications within various clinical disciplines. Fundamental principles of kinematic design, and control are combined with practical examples from clinical products. Foundation concepts include among others: actuation concepts, dynamics, control and path planning, machine design concepts, man machine interfaces and machine vision. Finally, involvement in a team design project will emphasize the importance of collaborative involvement, and help solidify concepts learned in lecture by practical hands on experience.

Main Learning Outcomes:
• Acquire overview of clinical application domains of medical robot systems, its functionalities and operational concepts
• Improved understanding of various kinematic and dynamic concepts
• Develop understanding of kinematic models of medical robot systems and their control
• Strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration and working toward common goals in a team environment

Dozierende(r): Prof. Stefan Weber, Prof. Gabriel Gruener
22.03.2023:10:30 - 12:30
Ort:1. Etage, Raum 104
Institutsgebäude vonRoll
Fabrikstrasse 6

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