Biomedical Engineering

Computer Assisted Surgery

Mittwoch, 20.03.2024

Computer assisted surgery applies computer technology and sets of concepts to improve surgical applications through intervention planning and intervention guidance and intervention evaluation. This course introduces the concepts and methodologies of Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) in general and emphasizes their clinical application. The course provides a comprehensive overview of the principal techniques for computer assisted surgery including transformational geometry, surgical planning, registration, instrument calibration and tracking, optical navigation, and augmented reality for computer assisted surgery, as well as how these theories and techniques can be applied to various clinical problems. The history, analytics and technical application of computer assisted surgery are studied in order to present a complete overview of this topic and to demonstrate the potential and the limitations of different techniques. Application of computer assisted surgical techniques to the fields of orthopaedics, neurosurgery, visceral surgery and otolaryngology-head and neck surgery are studied with the aim of arming students with the skills and knowledge to solve current clinical and scientific challenges including those pertaining to accuracy, usability and clinical benefit.

Learning outcomes:
• Overview of the basic principles of computer assisted surgery including medical imaging, surgical planning, registration, instrument calibration and tracking, statistical shape and deformation analysis, optical navigation, augmented reality for computer assisted surgery and system-user interfaces
• Skills and knowledge to apply the basic concepts of computer assisted surgery to enable computer assisted surgical techniques
• Understanding of the application, benefits and limitations of different computer assisted surgical techniques
• A comprehensive overview of the clinical application and theory of computer assisted surgery to enable intellectual analysis and design of computer assisted surgical approaches for a wide range of clinical applications.

Dozierende(r): Dr. Kate Gerber, Dr. Nicolas Gerber, Dr. Guodong Zheng
20.03.2024:08:30 - 10:00
Institutsgebäude vonRoll
Fabrikstrasse 8

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