Ecology and Evolution

Ecology&Evolution - Information Event

Donnerstag, 21.03.2024

Organisms respond to their biotic and abiotic environment through a variety of mechanisms, including behavioural and physiological adjustments at the level of the individual, evolutionary change at population level, and changes in species composition and abundance at community level. Discovering, explaining, predicting and preserving this evolutionary potential, especially in the face of the huge constraints currently imposed by humans upon the biosphere, is the focus of our Master‘s program in Ecology and Evolution. Master students are central to our research and take part in its development and implementation. The Master‘s program addresses students interested in a broad and attractive postgraduate curriculum in ecology and evolution of animals and plants. The program provides lectures and courses, all taught in English, on a wide range of topics and a great variety of research activities within the Biology Department. An entire year is devoted to the student‘s individual research project within one of our sixteen research groups.

Dozierende(r): Prof. Dr. Eric Allan
21.03.2024:15:30 - 16:30

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