BA (MA) Sachbereichs-/Regionalübung: Anthropology of Borders 2022

Mittwoch, 20.03.2024

The aim of this course is to explore local practices, national politics and transnational agreements affecting performances and experiences at different mobile borders. We will discuss the encounter of violence and rescue, care and control in the ongoing spectacles in border areas. The entanglement of travelers, infrastructures, bureaucracies, humanitarian interventions and political activism at borders shape options to transgress these zones of care and control. Borders become visible as sites of detention and spaces of protection, the create hope and fear, and they are hostile terrains as well as comfortable transition zones. We will investigate b/ordering processes through implying different ethnographic, performative as well as design concepts and methods. We analyze the impact of concepts such as “border spectacle”, “humanitarian borders”, “viapolitics”, “care and control” but also ethnographic analyses of local experiences and strategies of deterrence and push-backs. We will read and analyze reports, ethnographies, political analyses and legal investigations of border events and develop insights to spectacles and dramas at the border.
We will invite ethnographers currently working at different borders and discuss work in progress ethnographies and will investigate ethnographic contributions to public debates in the field of border control.

Dozierende(r): Prof. Dr. Sabine Strasser
20.03.2024:10:15 - 12:00
Ort:EG, F007
Lerchenweg 36

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