Natural Hazards and Risk Management

Dienstag, 19.03.2024

The lecture provides an overview of the risk concept and the application in context of natural hazard research. After a short introduction and a critical discussion of the general topic ‘risk’ the different components of a risk analysis are discussed in detail. Firstly, and as a connection to the lecture ‚Natural Hazards: Processes and Methods‘, the focus is on hazard maps and their application in risk management strategies based on sustainability. Further aspects in the lecture are exposure and vulnerability analysis as well as different semi-quantitative and quantitative risk approaches. The risk analysis follows consideration to risk evaluation and different concepts within the risk management from prevention (including mitigation), preparedness to risk communication and risk transfer. Finally, the lecture broadens the perspective on risk by discussing the complexity of risk management practice and the change of the risk factors with time.

Dozierende(r): Prof. Dr. Andreas Paul Zischg
19.03.2024:08:15 - 10:00
Ort:Hörsaal B007
Exakte Wissenschaften (ExWi)
Sidlerstrasse 5

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