Biomedical Engineering

Regenerative Dentistry for Biomedical Engineering

Dienstag, 19.03.2024

Dentistry deals with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral diseases, together being indispensible for general health. Dentistry recognizes different specialties such as endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics and oral surgery, all operating with dental materials and tools. Biomechanical engineering are involved in the development of dental materials including fillings, implants, bone substitutes, membranes, braces, crowns, and bridges. Biomechanical engineers also improve tools for diagnostic, prevention and treatment of oral diseases. Advancing today’s filed of dentistry requires a multidisciplinary approach linking universities and industry, particularily in Switzerland where global players in dental medtech industry are located. Future biomechanical engineers have to understand the basic of clinical dentistry, dental materials and the tools to be prepared for working in R&D. We have therefore chosen the technical term “Regenerative Dentistry” to underline the importance to the interdisciplinary work of dentists and biomechanical engineers to improve the field. Aim of this course series is to introduce biomechanical engineers to the clinical aspects of dentistry and how dental materials and tools are applied. The lecture also provides insights into the ongoing laboratory research dealing with “Regenerative Dentistry”.

Dozierende(r): PD Dr. Nikolaos Gkantidis
19.03.2024:16:15 - 18:00
Ort:6. Etage, Anna-Seiler-Haus, Entrance 02, Sitzungszimmer 6. Stock
Freiburgstrasse 41 C

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