Sustainability Transformations

Informationsveranstaltung Master Mono Sustainability Transformations

Donnerstag, 21.03.2024

This innovative MSc (120 ECTS credits) seeks to train students to become sustainability specialists. Upon completion of the programme, they will be equipped to critically analyse sustainability issues in interconnected dimensions and develop comprehensive practical solutions at local, national, and international levels. Students will identify solutions that address the causes – and not just the symptoms – of sustainability problems. The programme thus seeks to achieve genuine, far-reaching transformation rather than simply increasing efficiency or improving existing systems. The Master’s combines cutting-edge research in sustainability sciences with practical applications. The study programme is inter- and transdisciplinary and focuses on Education for Sustainable Development and transformative science. This information session will give you an overview of the structure and content of the study programme. Afterwards there will be time for your questions.

Dozierende(r): Christoph Bader, Anna Lewis
21.03.2024:15:00 - 15:30

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