Hauptseminar Textile Künste: Ein "verwobener Globus": Objektezirkulation und -austausch in der Neuzeit

Mittwoch, 20.03.2024

From the need of raw material to the demand for “exotic” objects, the early modern period saw the expansion of the circulation of goods at a global level. Land and see trade routes linked far-away lands, developing important commercial exchanges. Through their commerce, the circulation of goods also led to human, cultural and technical exchanges. Along with objects, men, knowledge, crafts and arts travelled. This seminar will explore some of the multi-directional exchanges that took place between countries in the early-modern period through the circulation of goods. From porcelains to textiles and ivory, specific case studies will allow us to tackle several key topics. We will analyse the circulation of technical knowledge, how it was transferred and its importance to craftsmen and mercantile communities as well as to governments. We will also explore the role of objects within diplomatic exchanges. The study of diplomatic practices around objects will be the occasion to analyse the political power they can hold. We will consider the circulation of patterns and iconography. It will be the occasion to explore the cultural and social meanings behind some of these patterns, including new significations created by this circulation. The movement of goods and men could also lead to the creation of new, hybrid objects, aesthetics, and new consumption habits. This seminar will be held in English.

Dozierende(r): Dr. Moïra Dato
20.03.2024:12:15 - 13:45
Ort:1. Etage, 128
Uni Mittelstrasse
Mittelstrasse 43

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